Thursday, December 1, 2016


I had never felt normal, I never had many friends if any. There was a boy who was getting his blood drawn when I was getting chemo that helped my feel like a normal person again. His name was Taylor, I loved him so much. He used to call in the middle of dinner and I would go hide in my room and talk to him for hours. He knew what I was going though because he had cancer too, Taylor had gone into remission, though.He would sit with me during my treatments and would also hold my hair back while I puked. He was my little blessing a life full of sadness. The hospital had a prom for the sick kids and I felt beautiful for once after we found the right dress. That night we had our first kiss, and I had the time of my life. After that night I didn’t hear from him ever again. I thought I had scared him off. I later found out that he had died that night and my Mother had waited A WHOLE MONTH to tell me. I was furious with her because I loved him.

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